2016+ Civic X 1.5T 3" Downpipe & Front Pipe Combo with Ktuner

2016+ Civic X 1.5T 3" Downpipe & Front Pipe Combo with Ktuner

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This Combo Kit includes 

  • 3" Downpipe & Front Pipe
  • Ktuner Flash V1/V2

The wait is finally over, we are now introducing the first full 3" (76mm) downpipe / front pipe assembly on the market.

Testing is showing that a downpipe upgrade is one of the most effective modifications to perform when looking increase power out of Honda's 1.5L turbo engine. We decided to take these findings one step further by upgrading the restrictive factory A-pipe that bottlenecks exhaust flow with a typical downpipe upgrade.

Our downpipe / front pipe assembly is constructed of mandrel bent 16 gauge 304 stainless tubing and 304 stainless 3D CNC'd flanges with smooth transitions for optimal flow and fitment. All pieces are fully back-purged for weld integrity and optimal strength while the front pipe features a high quality, reinforced stainless flex section. Customers can run an aftermarket exhaust or mate our combo to the factory exhaust with the optional stock exhaust adapter. Choose between catless or 300 CEL cat. There will not be a way to offer a guarantee that the cat will keep CELs off unless users turn it off via KTuner or until Hondata offers any sort of support.

All kits will include gaskets, stainless hardware and components needed for a seamless installation.

We tested the catted version on our CVT shop car and the results were rather impressive!

Listed below is a dyno graph depicting a bone stock 1.5T CVT dyno without a flash (blue line), the same car with our catted downpipe and front pipe (red line), and the same car with our catted downpipe, front pipe and Hondata's +6 PSI reflash (green line). Peak torque came in about 400 RPM sooner than with the factory cat and the car picked up massive amounts of bottom end power, over 40 whp and 50 ft/lbs of tq to be exact, at about 4300 RPM. Peak gains were 10 whp and 14 ft/lbs tq while these gains held true throughout the entire power-band, with over 20 ft/lbs tq gains up top.

We initially expected similar gains from the catless version, but these catted results blew us out of the water. Scroll down to see Vit's results with our catless version on his 6MT car!

Catted Downpipe + Front Pipe Gains WITHOUT Tuning on Our CVT Car:

  • 400 RPM increase in peak torque
  • 40+ hp and 50+ ft/lbs tq down low
  • 10 hp and 14 ft/lbs tq at peak
  • 10 hp and 14-20+ ft/lbs tq throughout mid-range/top

KTuner for 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo CVT and MT

KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road.

What are my options?
• KTunerFlash End User System – Hardware/software. Datalog And Flash On Your Own! – $449

• KTunerFlash V2 End User System – All-In-One Display/Flash Hardware+Software. Datalog and make your own changes – $649

How do I get KTuner?
• Contact a dealer for dealer testing or to order a KTuner kit.

If you do not see your part number listed below, we can add it. Contact us via Info@KTuner.com

An asterisk next to an ECU number signifies that an appointment will need to be made in order to retrieve the ECU data. Part numbers for usable ECUs include:


North America Civic 1.5T
2017 MT 37820-5AA-A01 through A08
37820-5AN-A01 through A04*
37820-5AN-A11 through A14
2016+ CVT 37820-5AA-A51 through A56
37820-5AA-L51 through L56
37820-5AA-A61 through A66
37820-5AA-L61 through L66
37820-5AN-A51 through A53*
37820-5AN-A61 through A63*
37820-5AN-L51 through L53
37820-5AN-L61 through L63
CVT 37820-5AA-M51
37820-5AA-C51 through C56
37820-5AA-C61 through C66
37820-5AF-H11 through H13

We are currently offering two research calibrations with more to come in the future. Both can be ran with 87 octane fuel, but running 91+ will give the best results.
Stage 0 (CVT):
Improved throttle response
Reduced turbo lag
Improved low-end and midrange torque
Smoothed boost curve, 15psi
Producing a much more sporty feel and drivability

Stage 1 (CVT and MT):
Improved throttle response
Removed throttle dampening on low end, better performance off the line
Reduced turbo lag
Improved low-end and midrange torque
Boost raised to 18psi
Producing a much more sporty feel, drivability, and additional top end power!

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