Honda obd1 chipped ecu with dyno tune

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Have a swap and looking to get it running? Maybe you just installed a turbo setup and are running bigger injectors, a chipped ecu is a perfect way to get your setup started. Each chipped ecu comes with a base map with the ability of having 2 step, changing the rev limiter and vtec engagement points along with disabling sensors that may no longer be needed. 

If you are local to us please purchase this item before stopping in so we can have it ready for you. In the comment box please include 

  • Engine and head ( if you have cams or pistons please include ) 
  • Injectors
  • Map sensor
  • vtec engagement ( where you'd prefer it set, if you want to leave it up to us please leave blank ) 
  • Rev limiter ( If you want us to set it leave blank )