INSANE SHAFTS 2012-2015 CIVIC M.T. 2.4L (500HP)

INSANE SHAFTS 2012-2015 CIVIC M.T. 2.4L (500HP)

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We design our own axles from similar OEM specs but re-engineered them to provide the end user
    with not only a better product but a stronger and more durable CV axle.

    InsaneShafts has developed an affordable high quality product for all your racing needs.  Whether
    for drag racing, road racing or daily use, these axles have proven to last.

    We offer a wide variety of CV axles specializing in Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan performance
    axles.  InsaneShafts has a long history of developing custom CV axles for many off-road vehicles.

    This swap axle requires no hub/spindle modifications (even swap axles).  It has been designed to
    give the consumer the bestproduct for the money and have stood toe to toe against all your bigger
    stage axles.