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The 2002-2006 RSX and the 2006-2011 8th Gen Civic and 2012-2015 9th Gen Civic  all have a known issue with their factory clutch

master cylinders (CMC). If you look at the CMC on these cars more closely, you'll notice that all of these

models have a triangular shaped feedback plate positioned at the very end of the cylinder. This plate is

basically a secondary valve that was designed to slow down the clutch engagment and reduce shock to

the clutch itself and the surrounding drivetrain parts. This setup might be perfectly fine for people that

just drive their cars for simple daily use, but the delayed engagement can cause wear to the synchros

and possibly even the gears on performance applications. The reason is fairly simple, the factory CMC

delays the clutch operation, so it does not open fast enough to keep up with a fast shift. This means that

pressure is being applied to the transmission synchros during the shift, before they are ready for the

actual gear change.

The K-Tuned Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit was designed to completely replace the original factory

cylinder and offer real time clutch engagement to support faster shifting. We have put together a

complete bolt-on kit that includes a direct replacement CMC, our high pressure 3AN clutch line, plus all

of the necessary fittings needed for installation. The factory clutch fluid reservoir is reused and

connected the same way it was in stock form. The only thing we suggest is checking out your slave

cylinder on the trans to confirm it is leak free. Aside from that, installation is pretty simple, install the

parts and bleed the system using some new clutch fluid.