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PRL Motorsports returnless fuel system for the 2012+ Civic to take your forced induction car to the next level.  The factory single feed fuel system with use of Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors and Deatschwerks DW65c fuel pump has a limit of 420-440whp.  With use of our retun system you extend the ability the basic ID injector and DW pump combo to 520-560whp and with the optional Bosche 044 inline pump this system is potential is extended to the 700whp range… Our system is full bolt on and is E85 compliant on all hoses and o-rings.

The system includes everything from the fuel filter housing to the rail connection fitting.  Key items in the kit are:

  • PRL Motorsports modified fuel filter housing with billet aluminum components
  • PTFE fuel hose
  • AEM fuel pressure regulator
  • AEM high volume 7 micron fuel filter 
  • OEM Honda fuel dampening unit.        

*All hose are fit to length and mounting hardware is included to make this a full bolt on affair.

As a note, the factory single feed rail has been tested over 500whp!


Please contact us for your power goals and the fuel pump you need, we will let you know what you need.