RV6™ V3 Jpipe & GEN 2 HFPCs™ (High Flow Precats) Combo for 03-07 Accord V6 (3.0L)

RV6™ V3 Jpipe & GEN 2 HFPCs™ (High Flow Precats) Combo for 03-07 Accord V6 (3.0L)

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V3 Long Tube J-Pipe
Finally, the result of months of hard work and testing. Over 10 revisions were made to the initial prototype in order to equalize runner length and most importantly maximize ground clearance. Four hours of dyno time was spent testing everything from piping sizes to tube length in order to tune this
J-pipe for maximum gains. By tucking one pipe behind another we were able maximize runner length and maintain ground clearance. 

- Full Stainless 304 Construction
- No cutting or welding Required 
 - Double lined hiss free flex pipe 
 - Fully TIG Welded 
 - 2.25" Primaries 2.5" Exit
 - Maximum Road Clearance

High Flow Precats (HFPCs®)

Introducing the new High Flow Precats (HFPCs®) for the 2nd Generation of J-series engines. Completely designed using 3D CAD and CMM, the transition from to high flow cat is made from precision casted 304 stainless steel. This allows for optimum turbulence free flow with no sacrifice in strength. The castings are no thinner than 5mm at their thinnest point. We are confident that the HFPCs® can handle any abuse without cracking. These high flow precats are a good alternative to precat deletes since they flow while still maintaining a semi stock exhaust level. They also prevent any associated with removing cats.

- 304 Stainless cast stainless flange sections
- 300 Cell metallic substrate Converters  
-TIG welded

All necessary hardware for installation

RV6® will warranty the castings and welding for 24 months. There is no warranty on the catalytic converters.