Custom OBD1 28 Pin Chip Basemap

Custom OBD1 28 Pin Chip Basemap

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A base map is not to be driven on long term, it is your responsibility to have your car professional tuned on a dyno. A basemap is designed to be able to start your car, check over the setup and drive to your tuner. This is a non refundable item.

Vehicle application list: * Manual Vehicles only.
- Acura Integra GS, RS, LS, b18a, b18b 
- Acura Integra GSR, b18c1, b18c 
- Acura Integra Type-R b18c5 jdm and usdm 
- Honda Civic & Del Sol b16a2, b16a, b16b 
- Honda Civic Dx, Lx, Ex all dseries motors. D16z6 D16y8, Mini-Me Setups, D16y7 with 2 wire iacv. 
- Honda Prelude H23/H22/fseries vtec & non-vtec motors. 
- Honda Accord h22/fseries vtec motors. 
- Built motors with aftermarket cams, pistons etc. 
- B20 VTEC conversions & Ls/Vtec motors. 
- Turbocharged & Supercharged motors. 
- And more... please inquire.

Ecus supported by obd1 eprom basemaps:
92-95 Honda/Acura OBD1 ECUs only. 
USDM Vtec: P28, P72, P61 JDM Vtec: p30, p72, p08, p27, pr3, p91 
USDM Non-Vtec: P75, PR4, P05, P06

Dyno proven custom ignition timing & fuel maps. Free!
CEL Shift Light. Free!
2 step (launch control) Free!
Speed governor disabled. Free!
Knock sensor & Vtec speed limit disabled. Free!


Please copy this in the comment box when ordering, filled out, if uncertain on options please just put you guys set, and if any parts are stock just put stock

Engine and head combination - 

Engine internals - 

vtec engagment point -

map sensor -

injector size and brand -

2 step engagment - 

rev limiter -

misc ( any sensors you want turned off, secondary 02 sensor, knock sensor are usually turned off ect... )

( in order for 2 step not to cause issues, your rpm and mph must work and also have no check engine lights on )