Texas Speed Beehive Spring Cam Package for Cathedral Port Heads (LS1/LS2/LS6)

Texas Speed Beehive Spring Cam Package for Cathedral Port Heads (LS1/LS2/LS6)

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With This Package You Get the Following Items:


  • GM OEM LS2 Timing Chain Set - 4x Cam Gear
  • Your Choice of Camshaft
  • Includes Your Choice of PAC Single Beehive Valve Springs
  • Texas Speed Hardened Chromoly Pushrods

This is the perfect upgrade package for customer looking for all the aftermarket parts needed to do a camshaft swap.  Typical gains will range from 30 to 65 rear-wheel horsepower from a TSP camshaft swap alone!

The LSA(s) we typically stock for each camshaft is listed next to each camshaft.

We do offer the optional adjustable pushrod length checker that allows you to verify the correct pushrod length needed for your setup.  We can give you a good idea of what is typically used with your engine, lifter brand, etc., but it can certainly vary from setup to setup.  You can vary up to .050" in pushrod length depending on which camshaft core the cam manufacturer uses!  This is NOT information that any camshaft manufacturer includes with their camshafts, so it is always best to verify the length you need to avoid any valvetrain issues. 

Note: The package comes standard with the PAC 1219 single beehive valve springs that are rated for up to .625" lift.  We do recommend that you upgrade to the PAC 1211X single beehive valve springs for any camshaft listed that is over 230 degrees of duration. The 1211X has more open spring pressure, so it will allow for better valvetrain control for the larger camshafts. You can also switch to our other cam package using the double spring kit with PAC .660" dual springs, our patent-pending integrated seat/seal combo, and titanium retainers. 

*If you need parts quickly, we encourage you to call us to check availability of the camshaft you want.