Enkei NT03+M 18x9.5 5x108 40mm F1 Silver Wheels set of 4 with Dunlop Direzza DZ102 245/45/18

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About this product

The Enkei NT03+M is designed with a perimeter brace ring that enhances the wheel strength so it’s able to resist deformation or distortion from outer forces, resulting in highly accurate steering response and strength on your 2016 - 2018 Focus RS. The NT03+M also features a racing twin valve design which allows for accurate monitoring while adjusting the pressure. 18" Diameter 9.5" Wide 40mm offset 72.6mm Bore 19.4lbs each Finished in F1 Silver Spec-E Inspected MAT Technology


The Direzza DZ102 is Dunlop's Ultra High Performance Summer tire developed for sports car, sports coupe and performance sedan driving enthusiasts. Designed to combine sleek styling and impressive handling, the Direzza DZ102 delivers head-turning performance in warm, dry and wet conditions, however it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Direzza DZ102 tires feature Dunlop's specially formulated Silicarbon Matrix tread compound (combines silica and carbon black) to enhance traction. The compound is molded into a directional tread design featuring broad shoulder blocks and three notched central ribs to promote responsive handling and stable cornering. Wide circumferential tread channels enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.

The tire's internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by Dunlop's Jointless Band (JLB) spirally wound polyamide cord cap ply to stabilize the tread area for enhanced treadwear, handling and high-speed capability. A polyester cord body enhances ride quality while Max Flange Shields adjacent to the beads help resist rim damage due to accidental curbing.