Ferrea Dual Springs Retainers Locks Honda K-Series K20 K20A K20A2 K24 RSX 105LB

Ferrea Dual Springs Retainers Locks Honda K-Series K20 K20A K20A2 K24 RSX 105LB

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Honda/Acura K20 & K24 applications

This listing includes Ferrea part numbers:

Ferrea S10100 x 16 (dual valve springs) 

Outside Diameter: 23.1mm / 31mm 

  Inside Diameter: 17.35mm / 23.1mm 

  Seat Pressure: 105lbs @ 39mm 

  Open Pressure: 225 lbs @ 29mm 

  Rate Inch: 3059 lbs 

  Coil Bind: 22mm 

  Max Net Lift: 15mm 

Ferrea E11066 x 16 (titanium retainers) 

Ferrea SL1053 x 16 (seat locators)

K10034 x 16 (valve keepers/locks)

Product info below:

Harmonics or high frequency fatigue is present in all racing engines and will usually destroy the valvetrain if not controlled. Properly designed valve springs will control the dominant harmonics, provide the needed stability, and reduce valvetrain component wear. Ferrea valve springs are developed from high strength alloys, including premium grade chrome silicon steel.

Our springs are heat-treated and stress relieved, which dramatically increases the spring’s life. Ferrea valve springs provide the stability needed for high lift, high rpm racing engines, while minimizing the load loss for today’s aggressive valvetrain combinations.

Ferrea’s wide range of retainers are available for Domestic,Sport Compact and Motorcycle markets. We currently offer four different types of retainers to choose from: Titanium, Lightweight Tool Steel, Steel and Aluminum Magnesium retainers, all of which are CNC machined to perfection and offer superior strength and stability.

Ferrea takes great pride in offering premium quality Spring Seat Locators. Fully CNC machining in-house from 4140 chromoly alloy for different applications. Each piece is crafted to exact tolerances OD & ID specs and insure flat, parallel spring pad to the bottom surface. Heat treatment consists of a hard Nitrided surface for unmatched toughness and anti-wear characteristics. We also offer custom manufactured production runs capable of meeting your specifications.