Haltech 750 plug and play harness for Honda obd1 harness

Haltech 750 plug and play harness for Honda obd1 harness

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This product is just for the wiring harness, it does not include an ecu.

Option one Includes a two wire female clip that will be installed into the CAN wires, this will allow you to plug any devices that run off the CAN network such as a haltech wideband setup. 



Option two is for our plug and play vtec relay kit, in order for vtec to work you will need to wire a relay into the system. An OEM ecu sends positive volts to activate vtec where Haltech sends a ground, this will come with a single wire connector that will hook inline to our harness, and the other side will go to the relay. ****IMPORTANT**** you will still need to run one power wire from your chassis to the relay. We include a full diagram showing you how to do this. If you email us what chassis code you're running ( eg, ef, dc ect...) we may be able to provide a chassis pin out for the best possible area to tie into power. 

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