Hybrid Racing 06-11 Honda Civic Si Cold Air Intake - CAI 8th gen fa5 fg2 k20z3

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Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake 06-11 Civic Si

The Hybrid Racing Cold Air Intake for the 8th Generation 2006-2011 Honda Civic Si featuring the k20z3 engine. This intake is made out of 3.5inch silicone, that helps insulate the intake from heat. Based on the comparison dynos at Hybrid Racing, this intake makes the most horsepower over any intake out at the moment. Its not only the most powerful CAI, it also has a built in anti-hydrolock air bypass which mean its built to not suck up water and destroy your motor, which is very important. This kit also relocates your battery and comes with the included powder coated battery tray. The intake has the MAF port and all necessary connections to make it connect like stock.  This intake also comes with a velocity stack and couplers for both standard and overbored throttle bodies. All of this combined Hybrid Racing quotes this intake as making over 14hp over stock!



Cold Air Induction (draws air outside of engine bay)
3.5 Inch Silicone Intake
Anti Hyrdrolock Air Bypass
Battery Relocation Kit

What is required:

This product does require Hondata Flashpro

Part #: HYB-CAI-01-10


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