Oil Feed and Return Line Kit (eBay type kits Honda/Acura)

Oil Feed and Return Line Kit (eBay type kits Honda/Acura)

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One of many issues with cheaper quality turbo kits ( I.E the ones you find on eBay and amazon ) are the oil feed and return line setups. The lines are notorious for having issues, either the feed lines are way to large and cheaper quality causing them to kink, or the return lines are way to small and aren't even able to accept oil, so they swell up and end up leaking. The fittings for the back of the block are also an issue with less expensive kits, either they come with a knock off type sandwich plate that not only tend to leak, but the machine work is poor and causes oil pressure issues. Our kits are 100% bolt on user friendly, no welding required and all the components are high quality. Sure you could probably find a cheaper kit on eBay or Amazon but we stand by our kits 100%, we use them in our shop and would sell anything that wasn't quality. So if you have to an "eBay" type kit, at least upgrade the oil lines so you don't have issues with those.

Each kit contains

- Oil feed line

-Oil feed line flange with fitting

-Gaskets for feed line flange and return line flange

-Rear block adapter with fitting

-Return line hose 

-No weld return line fitting ( for oil pan )

-Oil return line flange